Create a vibrant entrepreneurial business climate within the region through economic development emphasizing organic, sustainable growth. Enhance the economic vitality, diversity, and dynamism of the region.


The Don Ryan Center for Innovation (DRCI) was established in mid 2012 as a 501(c)(3). The corporation's mission was to function as a business incubator to grow Bluffton's and the surrounding regions economic base by helping innovative start-up or early stage companies. The organization incubated 29 companies and expanded into partnerships with Beaufort County Schools, USCB, TCL, SCAD and the City of Beaufort to promote and support innovation and entrepreneurship for the purposes of economic development.

The Bluffton Public Development Corporation (BPDC) was the Town's 501(c)(3) established in late 2012 by town leaders to pursue economic development within the Town. The corporation's mission was to accept, buy, sell, develop, mortgage, and transfer real and personal property including development rights. Its two other objectives were to assist in the town's economic development and undertake activities designed to promote and support the May River and other watershed cleanup efforts of the town. The corporation was an arm of the Town and was formed because by law, a municipality cannot execute specific financial transactions.


Both organizations matured and evolved to reflect the needs of the Town and the region.

Since both worked in the realm of economic development Town Council authorized the merger of these entities by adoption of a resolution on December 13, 2016 into a single entity know as the Don Ryan center for Innovation, Inc.

This new entity fosters and promote economic development in six general areas:

  1. Business Incubation

  2. Co-working offerings (The HUB)

  3. Education & Outreach

  4. Business Attraction, Expansion & Retention

  5. Workforce Development

  6. Business Startup/Concierge Services


Don Ryan, co-founded CareCore National (now eviCore healthcare) in 1994, and under his leadership it became one of the leading specialty benefits management companies. After bringing the company to Bluffton, Ryan became involved in the efforts to recruit similar companies to the area. Don donated the existing space to the Center which is now named in his honor.


Trent Williamson

Chief Executive Officer

The Town of Bluffton, along with the board of directors of the Don Ryan Center for Innovation (DRCI) – a leader in creating the area’s vibrant business climate and entrepreneurial spirit – is pleased to announce the selection of Trent Williamson as the organization’s new Chief Executive Officer. The appointment follows an intensive strategic planning process that outlines the opportunity for DRCI to emerge as the regional leader in economic development and innovation. Read More

Charles Wohl

Vice President of Innovation

Wohl brings global experience as an incubation program leader across various industries including aerospace, bio-technology, electronics and manufacturing. He is an expert in mentoring entrepreneurs in full-scale business formation including product development, market entry, sales, licensing and operations management. Read More

Dorothy Guscio

Operations Manager

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