Since 2012, the Don Ryan Center for Innovation (DRCI) has been creating a vibrant business-focused community through enhancing sustainable growth while facilitating a notably successful incubation program evolving more than 35 companies.  Today, the organization is strongly positioned to prepare and propel the region into organic, sustainable growth through strategic and proactive economic developemt.  With support from Town leaders and a dynamic Board of Directors, DRCI is committed to partnering with business owners, executives, community leaders to play an active role in the development of growth opportunities and community enhancement.  
We are building a community that will ultimatley preserve and further enhance the quality of life we all enjoy.  Investing and engaging with this group of business-centric advocates offers the opportunity to actively help shape the future economic success of our area, engage with leaders who share similar values and ignite both personal and professional growth.  Investment benefits have been designed to meet the needs and align with goals for businesses, organizations and individuals at various levels. 

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